The Flyers Need Help


The Flyers 2016-17 season is underway. Tonight marks the first home game for the Flyers vs. the Anaheim Ducks. While excitement surrounds the Flyers youth movement, one glaring problem remains with the organIzation…THE GOAL SONG.

The 2016-2017 Flyers goal song remains the same. It’s a mashup up Rocky’s Gonna Fly Now and Dutch DJ Siesto’s Secrets. Check it out:

What is going on musically with the Philadelphia Flyers? This is becoming a persistent issue with this franchise. Musically, they are the most backwards team in the city. The Flyers goal song has been an issue for years. I know that a bunch of the fans want to go back to Bro Hymn by Pennywise, but that’s lame too. The Anaheim Ducks have been using it for a decade. Pennywise also played live at the Ducks’ Finals celebration. Forget that song.

The good people over at Sons Of Penn, who go a fantastic job covering the Flyers, put together the ultimate list of 2016-2017 Flyers music from their goal song to their pre-game playlist. I highly recommend checking out the music when you get a chance here.

First off, enough with g*d damn Rocky. He’s a fictional movie character and completely overused–even more so than Kate Smith. Secondly, Siesto? Is a 23-year-old rave kid in neon running the Flyers music department? This is hockey in Philadelphia, right? This may actually be the worst goal song mashup in the league. Even Winnipeg has it better:

In the past, we’ve done a poll at Jawnville and got some solid responses. I wish a better effort was made and this wasn’t necessary, but no.

So, we put together some horn and music samples so you can hear how much better goals could be at the Wells Fargo Center if we were running the show. Give a listen and pick your favorite.

The past clear favorite was Tick Tick Boom by The Hives. That would sound something like this:

I would agree with the masses. That would be ideal. The crowd can actually sing the “YEAHHHHHH” if they feel so included. Bad ass!

How about some Foo Fighters? All My Life  would sound like this:

Not bad. Who doesn’t like Foo Fighters. They definitely feel more Flyers fan than Siesto.

Another favorite and repeat candidate of ours is Japandroids The House that Heaven Built. Check it out:

And one more. We grabbed the Vonn Bondies C’mon C’mon.

If you wanna go a little Hip-Hop Flo-Rida’s Good Feeling could work. 

Here’s a suggestion for a friend who digs Pearl Jam a little more than I do. Rearviewmirror

One last one, that might be my second favorite after the The Hives. This is Franz Ferdinand’s Do You Want To

There you have it for now. If you have any other suggestions for mashup let me know at @violationsgreg and I’ll try to put them together.

We need to do something. There is no reason that fans down at Wells Fargo Center should have to suffer through such lousy music. Spread the word. Tweet at them. Do something, after you like and share this piece of course.

If you can check out the pre-game playlist, that is equally atrocious. Again, it sounds like everyone should have glow sticks and be rollin’ on Molly in a warehouse. These are Flyers fans. They like Megadeath. Dave Mustaine has even been displayed on the big screen. Their fans like rock. Not this, which is part of the pre-game playlist.

Seriously..something has to give. Flyers fans deserve better music. Flyers, email me…I’ll help you for free.

Vote for your favorite:

Favorite Flyers Goal Song Candidate

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RANT: Keep Your Strollers and Dogs Out!

I don’t have kids, but I get it. Lugging around your fidgety 30 lb bundle of joy can be a pain in the ass. No doubt. That’s where strollers come in handy, especially for long hauls. That being said, there are places where your baby strollers don’t belong such as my local Farmers Market at Headhouse Square.

There may be times when they are acceptable. When the market first opens or toward closing when a few stragglers remain. Primetime, like in this photo?


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a baby stroller could be problematic here. What it does take is a little self-awareness. There’s no room for the stroller. This particular rant goes out to the three stroller-pushing parents, who decided to meetup and chat in the middle of the market causing what felt like a 2 hour Schuykill gaper delay, and the guy who ran up the back of my heel twice with his stroller.

The market is a block long. Park your stroller somewhere and walk or carry your kid. It’s a block. Better yet, get a Baby Bjorn or whatever those body-harness-child-carrying devices are called. That would keep your hands free to carry your reusable bags and fondle produce. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Don’t be like the self-absorbed parents being a pain in the ass at the market and clogging up the flow of traffic.

Dog-owners…don’t get too comfortable. There’s no need to bring your mutts to the market. I’m a dog guy, but come on. I’ve witness more than one dog drop off a few mushy friends in the market only to have those friends cling to everyone’s shoes and track themselves throughout the market.

Common sense and consideration of those around you is all that’s needed.

Let’s review: No strollers and no dogs at the Farmers Market.

Have a great week!

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WEEKEND ALERT: 2016 Mutt Strut

Like exercising, walking, dogs, raising money for a good cause? If so, get your ass and your pooch to the Navy Yard this Saturday for the 10th Annual PAWS Mutt Strut.


This is truly a great event in the city. You spend the morning at the Navy Yard with your four-legged best friend, take a organized walk around the Yard, and then hang out with like-minded dog lovers and other dogs. All money raised goes to the PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) which does great work in the city regarding homeless dogs and spay/neutering.

The event has a scenic walk, live music, costume contests, agility courses, a talent contest, photo booth, grooming and more. Most importantly, there will be dogs available for adoption! All of this fun for a mere $25 that goes toward good dog work in the city.

If you want to join in the fun but don’t have a dog, you can rent a dog for an additional fee. I’m guessing and hoping that these will be shelter dogs that could use the much-needed exercise and human interaction.

Should be a nice fall day with only a 20% chance of rain. You have no excuse. If you dig dogs, there’s not a better way to spend your morning with your pooch.

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Steve Mason Violation!

For starters, congratulations to Flyers goalie Steve Mason on the arrival of his new daughter Emma. May him and his family have a lifetime of health and laughs!

It’s not an easy job, but we have to call out Steve Mason for a VIOLATION on this joyous occasion. Here’s the official photo displayed on the telecast this weekend:


As the great ESPN Monday Night segment goes C’MON MAN…put a shirt on that torso. What the heck is he doing chilling in the hospital room with his shirt off? There’s obviously another person in the room taking the picture and dude’s hanging out without a shirt? Why? I get that he may have had scrubs on for the delivery, but he probably didn’t show up at the hospital with no shirt. If he had he might’ve risked the old No Shirt No Service routine. No need for this excessive display of flesh.


[update: totally aware of the theory of father/baby skin-to-skin moments of bonding, but the giant blanket puts that to rest and you do that bonding alone not with a third party photographer]


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Halloween #jawnville #philly #QueenVillage

Halloween #jawnville #philly #QueenVillage

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Yesterday was a frustrating day for Eagles fans.



Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson had a month to prepare for Lame Johnson’s suspension and they came up short.


Zach Ertz dropped a touchdown.


Pederson had Ertz helping Jason Peters at times instead of Vaitai.


The Eagles secondary looked bad. They were a step behind all game, with the Malcolm Jenkins pick 6.


While the Eagles secondary struggled, Eric Rowe made his debut at cornerback with the Patriots in the second half yesterday and held A.J. Green to 2 catches and 32 yards.

“Cornerback Eric Rowe helped make a difference yesterday after a long wait for his Patriots debut. ” via Boston Herald


The Eagles killed themselves with undisciplined penalties, especially the Fletcher Cox roughing the passer.


The Eagles wide receivers faced a ton of man coverage and, for the most part, couldn’t get open.


Jim Schwartz’s defense couldn’t tackle and made any Redskins running back look like Earl Campbell.


F**k Lane Johnson because with all of the above that went wrong, and more, the Eagles still had a chance to win this game against Washington.  When Wentz had time he continued to be effective. One has to assume that he’d have a bit more time to throw had Lane Johnson been playing.

However, he was not. Lane Johnson is in Oklahoma because of his SECOND PED INFRACTION. This was Johnson’s statement after his first suspension:

“I am extremely sorry for this mistake and I will learn from it and be smarter in the future,” Johnson’s statement said. “I would like to sincerely apologize to Mr. (Jeff) Lurie, (general manager) Howie Roseman, Coach (Chip) Kelly and his staff, my teammates and our amazing Philadelphia Eagles fans.” via USAToday

How sorry was he? What did he learn from it? At this point, one has to believe that Lane Johnson is either extremely selfish, stupid, or an average player who needs to cheat to excel. All of which suck.

He hung his teammates, the franchise, and the fans out to dry.  For that reason and that reason alone…


*credit to @PHIL1166 to be the first I heard to label him Lame Johnson before the season began.

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Modell’s Needs More Wentz Gear

Went on a quest to score some new kicks for the fall. Stopped by the Modell’s in South Philly just off Snyder Avenue. This place just doesn’t have enough Carson Wentz merch.

img_1392 img_1391 img_1390Carson Wentz could pretty much have his own store with this much gear, at least a kiosk in a mall. The city is completely Carson crazy. It’s nice having a QB in town.

For inquiring minds, I ended up with the Nike Audacity 2016 jawn.


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That a helluva bartender and some good lighting #Oneals #philly #jawnville

That a helluva bartender and some good lighting  #Oneals #philly #jawnville

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Flyers Hype Video

The Flyers just released a sick hype video for the 2016 season. Major props to the Flyers for using footage of Philly rapper Reef the Lost Cauze at Spruce Street Harbor Park from this summer. Reef is a legend and Jawnville was there to witness the performance. Here’s a piece about the performance. We have more footage from that same performance below after the Flyers video.

Check out this Flyers jawn…should get ya psyched for tomorrow.




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Halloween time in #jawnville #philly

Halloween time in #jawnville #philly

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