Thanks for the correct sitting position diagram. Tokyo you so crazy. #PhillyinTokyo #jawnville

Thanks for the correct sitting position diagram. Tokyo you so crazy. #PhillyinTokyo #jawnville

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Jawnville Goes Tokyo: Day 2

I’m sitting in a hotel in the Shinjuku section of Tokyo listening to SWV’s Weak because MTV is the only channel in English, aside from total Trump coverage on CNN.

Two major revelations on day two in Tokyo. The first…7-11’s don’t have to suck. Most 7-11’s I know in the states are places I wouldn’t consider eating at, unless I was a contestant on Survivor and 7-11 was the only food option. Here, it’s a different story. The fresh food is decent. They’ve got crazy good microwaveable bowls of Ramen noodles for like $2.oo.


They’ve got outside seating.


The office workers look like old school IBM salesmen or guys from the Mad Men error with white shirts and dark ties. Well, in case you spill something on your shirt or tie or happen to wake up in the same clothes as the day before, 7-11 has got you covered. Yup, dress clothes in a convenience store. 


Major revelation number 2? People don’t lock their bikes. Believe that. Here’s proof:

img_0767 img_0770 img_0769 img_0768

Insanity. What world is this where people can be trusted? DOES NOT COMPUTE.

I ventured into my first conveyor belt sushi jawn. It’s a U-shaped counter with sushi chefs on the inside. A conveyor belt goes around the counter carrying random items that the chefs create. I’ve heard of the conveyor belt jawns in the US, but never ventured into one.

If you didn’t see anything appetizing on the conveyor belt, you could order off this extensive menu, where the Y150 (about $1.50) on the left was the price of a roll.


Some items seemed to be on the belt forever, not really fan favorites. This one passed me thirty times in the half hour I was there:


It’s slightly blurry because it was moving, but there was a thick, gelatinous substance oozing out of this unpopular roll. Oh, right, it was a crab and crab’s guts roll.


I guess it’s one particular crab’s guts and not just crab guts. Either way I wasn’t touching it and no one else seemed brave enough.

I went off the menu and snagged a spicy tuna roll and some random avocado roll with a sauce I never hear of. Best spicy tuna roll that done ever touched my tongue.


Total cost $3. My buddy grabbed this platter that was a whopping $5.


You see all that sushi…FIVE BUCKS! Oh, both us score complimentary miso soup. $8.00 for both of us to eat.

I decided to hit the fitness center before going drinking. It wasn’t much of a fitness center. They had a couple of elliptical machines, treadmills and some dumbbells. Oh, and this thing, which was like a cross between a mechanical bull and a Sybian machine.

I have no idea what that strengthens, but it looks ridiculous, right?

Off to booze.

As always, thanks for reading.

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Jawnville Goes Tokyo: Day 1

Guess who spent 25 hours traveling to Tokyo, missing what apparently was the greatest Eagles game in a decade. I had hoped to watch the game On Demand without knowing the score, but my phone blew up with text as soon as I got off the plane.

Since the staff at Jawnville is basically 1, you’re gonna get Tokyo updates while I’m here.

Tired and hungry, we wandered around the area of Shinjuku looking for grub. Lights are everywhere. You can’t help but feel like you’re in Blade Runner.

img_0724 img_0731 img_0740

I didn’t find any beer vending machines, but scored some tasty green tea.


Then it became Ramen time. We waited in line at a spot called Ichiban to put money into a vending machine. Reviews of the spot said not to be scared off by the vending machines, but it is quite weird ordering food at a restaurant through a vending machine. Then they seated each of us on a stool with dividers between eaters. That’s probably to protect each other from the slurp-splashes necessary to truly enjoy the noodles. The cooks were behind the walls and would open a tiny blind to deliver the food and ask about additions.


Hands down the best Ramen I’ve had. Lots of green onions and garlic were game-changers. Who knew.

With our asses dragging we went back to the hotel bar for a night-cap. I ended up grabbing an Imperial IPA.


Instantly became of fan of the Suruga Bay Imperial IPA. Solid abv of 8.5%, but not overwhelming. Well-balanced, enjoyable beer.

It always helps when the beer comes with snack mix and a warm towel to clean your hands before eating.


Ending up getting into a long discussion with the bartenders over tipping. Many sites said tipping doesn’t happen in Japan and can be an insult to people because it infers they do not earn enough.

After a bunch of back and forth with terrible Japanese on my part, half-assed English on their part, and Google Translate not being able to the accurately translate tipping we came to an understanding of what I was asking about.

These bartenders are down with tipping. Everything people told me and I read was inaccurate. Hopefully, I’ll see these guys tonight at the lobby bar. Want to ask them their thoughts on Carson Wentz.

After two beers, it was time to get into my robe and slippers and sashay up and down the hotel hallway. I was rockin’ that robe, no doubt.


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South Street #OpenStreets #jawnville #philly

South Street #OpenStreets #jawnville #philly

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Philly is Interested in Sperm!

I recently wandered around a park looking at different flyers posted with those tabs you can rip off if you want more information later. You might be surprised at what Philly is interested in getting more info about, at least in West Philly.

Guitar lessons? Nah.


Reading the Bible with other people? Nah.


A bedroom available in a renovated home? Nope.


Stress Management? Nah.


FREE PLANTS? Yeah, a little.


Becoming a sperm donor? HELL YEAH!


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National Headlines Loving Wentz!

Carson Wentz did it again. Eagles fans are gun shy about getting too hopeful about the potential stud QB of the future after experiencing the likes of Foles, Kolb, Feeley, Hoying, etc.

It might be time to get on board. The national media seems to be ready to anoint Wentz as the future.

Check out some of the national headlines after last night’s defeat of the Bears on Monday Night Football:

Washington Post:


Bleacher Report:






Washington Post again, making fun of the Browns:


USA Today:


ESPN Sportscenter tweeted this out:

Howie Roseman gotta be feeling like this right about now:


Thanks for reading. Remember, sharing is caring.

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Something wrong with this picture. #Eagles #MNF #jawnville

Something wrong with this picture. #Eagles #MNF #jawnville

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South Street the morning after #philly #jawnville

South Street the morning after #philly #jawnville

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Walking Around the Ballpark

The old ballpark ain’t what it used to be. It’s actually kind of deserted. The vendors are hurting for cash. On the bright side, there are no lines for anything.

They announced 16,000 in attendance Tuesday night, but there couldn’t be more than 8,000 people there.

Since so few people are at the ballpark, we figured we’d take a stroll around with a GoPro and let ya see what a trip around the ballpark looks like these days.


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Screen goes black. #phillies #Jawnville

Screen goes black. #phillies #Jawnville

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