Is Young Clothesy Opening?

Is Young Clothesy Opening?

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A view that strikes fear into any rational cable-subscribing person. South 3rd Street today.

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A Day in Jawnville: Phillies and Mets

While most you were watching Jordan Matthews’ last game as a Philadelphia Eagle last night, I was surrounded by annoying Mets fans at the Phillies game. As usual, there were a fair share of strange sights and violations.

We should’ve known as soon as we got out of the car that it was gonna be a bad night. We had stinky, gross Mets fans parked next to us.

It took about thirteen seconds once inside the gate to see our first Violation. There’s no denying Carson probably wishes the Eagles wore camouflage jerseys, but they don’t. Neither should this dude. He’s got a whole theme going on. I’m surprised we could even see him.

This couple clearly had the best shirts of the night.

Since when did the Bank start hustling frozen margaritas for $16 a pop?

What is up with the Dom Brown gear? If you asked me what the over/under on Dom Brown swag would’ve been, I probably would’ve set it at 0.5. Oddly, we saw four pieces on the lower level alone. The folks need to retire this stuff.

The Phillies wasted no time in getting Hoskins jerseys ready in the Majestic Clubhouse Store. Kind of thinking those Dom Brown folks got caught up in a similar hype.

There’s always one dude with jersey on that has no relation to the game being played, like this dude in his Griffey jersey. Ignore the ugly Jets hat sitting in front of us.

We strolled into the Wall of Fame to pay our respects. The Phillies have black ribbon up on Dutch and Jim Bunning’s plaques. Instant sadness.

You gotta love the hustle of the street vendors after the game. They had Dutch shirts ready for the fans as they exited a brutal 10-0 loss.


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A Day in Jawnville: 2nd Street Festival 2017

This past Sunday was the always fun 2nd Street Festival in Northern Liberties. Hopefully you got out to enjoy the great weather and one of Philly’s better summer events. In case you didn’t, here are some of the sights.

By the way, the play is to go to The Foodery and load up a backpack with beers. That way you say a bunch of money and time by not standing in the beer lines. Bring a beer koozie because it’s outside open container drinking, ya know?

It was packed as usual and booze was everywhere.

If you were looking for wooden spoons with Philly team logos or Rocky engraved on them, and who wasn’t, you were in luck.

A festival isn’t a festival unless there’s a dude dancing and hanging out with a blanket wrapped around him.

This guy was killing it on the buckets.

Apparently, this is the Wobble dance. That’s what a bunch of people told this out-of-touch dork. People like to Wobble.

Lonzo Ball jerseys: 1 – Markelle Fultz Jerseys: 0. How many pairs of cargo shorts are in this photo?

If you were looking for Andrew, here he is.

Who doesn’t want a team-themed miniature picnic table to hold your condiments?

The JAWNS were out. You can’t see it but the tank top in the back said LEGALIZE MARINARA.

There you go. That’s our jawn from 2nd Street Festival.

We did run into this dude wandering South Street in Hulk Hogan gear later in the night.

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Tribute to Darren Daulton

R.I.P. Darren Daulton. Check out MLB Network’s tribute to Dutch.

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PSA: Do Not Park Here

Car break-ins have increased in certain neighborhoods over the past year or so. I fell victim to a few months back. Luckily, they got into my car without breaking my window. I think I was dumb enough to leave the car unlocked.  The perp left all my adapters and wires and even a few store gift cards. All they took was about $3.59 in change.

How bad has it gotten lately? The police has recently placed warnings and tips on cars in my neighborhood.

While most of the tips are common sense and good advice, there’s one more tip I would add.

Keep an eye out for broken glass like this:

It’s a tell-tale sign that you’re in an area that thieves think is safe to strike overnight.

I often walk my dogs along Front Street between Washington Ave and Market and I see areas, like the photo above, constantly. I’m often amazed that people will park in the exact spot that someone was just broken into. Predictably enough, there’s a better-than-not chance that car end up with a broken window and have been rummaged through.

Times are tough and people are desperate to pay bills or feed addictions.

I know parking is scarce in the city. When you finally see a space open, after driving around for what feels like days, it’s hard to ignore it, but a broken-into car isn’t worth it. If you see shattered auto glass in an open spot or nearby spots drive around for another spot or just pay to park.

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A Day in Jawnville: Don’t Shut Down Streets for Your Kids

I don’t have kids. Maybe I can’t understand this because of being kidless, but this has to be a violation.

I came across this sign while walking through town yesterday. At the far end of the block was a guy sitting in a lawnchair while his child played in the middle of the street.

I can’t imagine a moment where I’d think hey, I think I’m going to shut down the street so my kid can play in it or for any other reason unless it was an agreed upon block party.

This is a small street, probably without a lot of traffic so this narcissism probably doesn’t affect too many drivers. That’s not the point. I could understand this if this was a dead-end street with no through traffic, but this isn’t. This is a public street. People can’t go just shutting them down because they want a private, safe play area for their kids. That’s what yards and suburbs are for.

If the kids are playing in the street and you’re a concerned parent, stick this obnoxious sign to the side if you want to warn drivers that reckless kids are running around in a city street. You don’t block the street. Maybe teach your kids to be cautious while playing in the street. Maybe don’t let your kids play in the street.

Where do you even get this sign?

Here’s an idea. Take them to the park and we can avoid all this nonsense.

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The Lost Mile

I don’t spend much time in the suburbs of South Jersey. Most trips are to see family or an occasional trip the mall or Wegman’s. I’m usually miserable while venturing over the bridge and angry in traffic on route 73 or 70. However, there is or was one place that I happily hopped on PATCO so I could hang for the day with friends. That was the Irish Mile.

photo by:

Of all the reasons I thought that I might venture into Jersey, a bar was never one of those reasons. I’ve been to far too many of them and walked away disappointed or indifferent. The Irish Mile was different.

I’ve been to the chains like PJ Whelihan’s, Yard House, Chammps, and they are all the same nondescript, generic, unremarkable. I’ve had beers in mom-and-pop places like Jay’s Elbow Room, the Jug Handle Inn, and The Marlton Tavern. The atmospheres were far better than the chains in that each place has its own vibe, but I often found the beer selections lacking and never felt at home.

When a good buddy moved over to Haddon Township, I was skeptical when I agreed to watch NCAA Tournament games with him at the Irish Mile. He assured me it was a great spot and only a block from the Westmont PATCO stop. Ten minutes and a beer into the Mile and I felt like I was at home in a perfectly good Philly local watering hole with an insane beer selection.

The staff was always personable. They could’ve all been bartenders at classic Philly spots like Murph’s, the Locust Bar, Oscar’s Tavern, McGlinchey’s, etc. They had character and were welcoming. The locals sitting next to you were eager to hear your life story or discuss the greatness of the Irish Mile’s Sunday Special $4.00 stromboli. Those jawns were the size of a loaf of bread and tasty enough to charge $8.00 while working as the perfect sponge to soak up the beer from their 72 drafts. 72 DRAFTS!

photo courtesy:

That’s right, 72 drafts, 60 of which were craft beers. That picture above is just a partial of their chalkboard draft list. The Irish Mile hands down had the best draft beer selection I’ve seen in the Delaware Valley. It wasn’t just the amount of beers, but also the selection. Tons were local, but they even had Belgian Tripels like St. Bernardus on tap.

The Mile turned me onto the great work by Tonewood Brewing and one of my favorite current beers. I highly recommend Tonewood’s Fuego, a 6.2% Hazy IPA if you can find it. Tonewood has a tasting room at their spot in Oaklyn, NJ.

I gotta say that I never thought I’d be depressed to hear about a South Jersey bar closing, but this one hurts. Yes, the Irish Mile is no more. Rumor has it that the PJ Whelihan’s folks have bought it and are thinking about making it a taco joint. I can only hope that they hold onto more of the Mile’s casual, quirky, cozy charm than they do the typical generic PJ’s vibe.

The Irish Mile was a place without pretension.  No one at the Mile gave ya a second glance if you felt like dancing on the bar, around the bar or putting on an air guitar show to your favorite jukebox song. Trust me, our buddy did all three multiple times (videos below).

The Irish Mile was a simply place where you could be yourself, where people went to chill with friends, chat with strangers, and enjoy a ton of great beer.

It shall be missed. The fact that a no-frills, old-school local joint with great people and amazing beer couldn’t survive in South Jersey depresses me, until I remember that I live in Philly. I feel for my friends in the Collingswood, Haddonfield, Westmont corridor. You guys lost a good one in the Mile.

If you know of another great local watering hole in the burbs that can fill the void for our South Jersey crew, shoot us a tweet or leave a comment on Facebook.

In the meantime, Brewers Town Tavern they’re South Jersey free agents and they’re looking at you.

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The Process is in the White House

It’s official. The Philadelphia 76ers are legit and a force in US Politics. The Sixers and their process have reached the White House.

During today’s daily press briefings one of the reporters sported his press credentials in a Sixers lanyard.

I don’t know who this dude is, but clearly he’s the smartest journalist in the room. He’s got sweet sideburns too. This guy needs to be on a Jawnville podcast.

If you know who he is give me a shout @ViolationsGreg.

[UPDATED: Former neighbor identified the journalist as Justin Sink. Give the dude a follow now!

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Enough with Pete Rose

Can we please be done with Pete Rose, especially in Philly. The guy is undeniably one of the all-time greats in baseball, but also one of the all-time creeps in life. We don’t need a Phillies Wall of Fame inductee every year and we surely don’t need Pete Rose on the Wall of Fame.

The guy bet on baseball and he bet on games he was involved in. That should be enough.

Rose is a Red. He was here for five years, three of which were great, while the other two were eh. Are three years good enough?

In some cases, yes. Brad Lidge may be one of those cases. He’s season was historic and key to winning the World Series. There are major differences between Brad Lidge and Pete Rose. Lidge didn’t bet on baseball, have “consensual sex with a 16 year old while in his 30’s, or been alleged to have had sex with someone who may have been 15. With those extenuating circumstances, three years probably isn’t enough. To be honest, thirty years and ten World Series Championships probably wouldn’t be enough in light of these admitted and alleged transgressions. .

I’d rather leave room on the Phillies Wall of Fame for a Jayson Werth or Shane Victorino instead of some crumb bum.

Phillies fans clung to the 1980-83 Phillies because those were the glory days. We’ve had more recent glory days. We can and should let Pete Rose disappear into a miserable, selfish, greedy sunset instead of memorializing him in Ashburn Alley.

If the Phillies insist on giving out these Pete Rose bobbleheads on Friday night, I may have to use it for batting practice with my childhood Pete Rose wooden bat. If they insist on honoring Rose on the Wall, I’ll loudly boo, hopefully with a majority of other people. They have to cancel this ceremony.

Stay off our lawn and our Phillies Wall.

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