Citizens Bank Park Ain’t Like it Used To Be

Oh how I reminisce fondly about the days of sellouts at Citizens Bank Park.  Sure, the lines for beers and bathrooms sucked, but ya couldn’t beat the energy.  The plethora of eye candy was always an added benefit.  Now, the crowd looks like the leftovers of a zombie attack–beaten down, tired, hopeless, lethargic. Ruben Amaro, Jr has destroyed what Ed Wade and Pat Gillick built.

I know a couple of mensa members at Emory University called Phillies fans the top bandwagon fans in MLB and will say that’s why the ballpark is empty.  They couldn’t be more wrong.  The lady in my life is a bandwagon fan.  She has minimal interest all year, but always got into the Red Octobers. Philadelphia is not like Oakland where their team is in first place all year, but only show up for the Playoffs.  Phillies fans come out in droves when the product is respectable.

Phillies fans also aren’t like the sheeple in Boston or Chicago.  Those fan-bases were ranked some of the least bandwagoners according to those rocket scientists at Emory.  Maybe that’s why they have had and have some of the longest World Series droughts in history. The sheeps show up and pack the parks no matter the product.  If expressing my frustration with the management by not showing up at ballgames is bandwagon behavior, color me a bandwagon jumper.

In Philadelphia we are smart fans who speak with our dollars.  We aren’t going to support crap, especially not in these financial times.  We aren’t gonna let ownership and management sit back and look down upon a packed ballpark while they field one of the worst outfields in the history of the franchise.  If we were bandwagoners, we wouldn’t be calling into sportstalk radio day after day venting our frustrations.  Bandwagon fans have zero interest in the team until the playoffs, etc.

At the game last night the Phillies announced an attendance of over 23,000 people.  I forget which one was the final number:


I think both of those numbers are embellished by about 12,000.  The concourse didn’t feel like 23,000 people.  I would expect more people at a Right Said Fred reunion show.  Here’s what it looked like:



The section next to me down the first base line:


This last picture says it all.  This is in the 8th inning and sums up the Ruben Amaro, Jr effect on attendance:


I know pictures in the men’s room is a violation, but I was the only individual there.  It was a sad night.  It’s a sad season and it’s not even the All-Star break yet! I still have seven games left in my season-ticket package.

On a positive note, someone still in town from Comic-con showed up to take in the game.


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Mayor of Jawnville. Sports-junkie, writer, observer of the absurd. I rarely wear a suit, but when I do it's a 40R. Juniata Park & North Catholic proud.
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