Dear Dom Brown

Dear Dom Brown,

Did you really say, “I want to make sure that my teammates are on the same page as me,” to reporters yesterday?

Uh, which page is that? Because, honestly, I hope whichever page you were on last year has been ripped out, shredded, burned, and those ashes scattered into the Delaware River because the page you were on last year was ATROCIOUS!

With all due respect, who are you, with the likes of Ryan Howard (former MVP), Chase Utley, Cole Hamels (former World Series MVP), and Cliff Lee (former Cy Young winner), to make sure that anyone does anything, except yourself. Seriously, with the exception of a couple of months in 2013, you’ve kind of been a disappointment in the bigs.

Your 2014 slash line was one of the worst in all of baseball last year. Not the National League. ALL OF BASEBALL. I have to say, I love your stones. Who comes into Spring Training and talks to the press like the leader of the team after the season you had last year? I guess you do.

brownmissInstead of worrying about your teammates and which page they are on, how about you work on taking the right routes to fly balls? How about working on hitting the right cut-off guys? I remember one game against the Marlins where your misplay in left field cost the club the game. How about working on getting that batting average over .235? At one point last year, your OPS ranked 162 out of 167 qualified players.

I’m thinking maybe just worry about you and getting on a page where it looks like you’re actually paying attention to the game while you’re in the outfield and getting on base. This Phillies team has major issues, but you’ve accomplished nothing here and it’s not your place to come out as a vocal leader.

And, this isn’t a hate Dom Brown rant, even though you shoved Cowboys rhetoric down our throats on twitter. No, I was in the stands your first game at Citizens Bank Park. I wasn’t there because the game fell within my partial season ticket plan. I sought out a ticket for that game because I wanted to be there for your first game at the Park. I, along with a near full house, gave you a standing ovation that game. I recognize and appreciate your at-bats with RISP last year.

I want you to succeed. We, Phillies fans, want you to succeed as long as you’re wearing a Phillies uniform. Just know your place on the team and with the media. That place isn’t calling out teammates. Not after last year.

That is all.

Good luck in 2015.



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Mayor of Jawnville. Sports-junkie, writer, observer of the absurd. I rarely wear a suit, but when I do it’s a 40R. Juniata Park & North Catholic proud.

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