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The Flyers 2016-17 season is underway. Tonight marks the first home game for the Flyers vs. the Anaheim Ducks. While excitement surrounds the Flyers youth movement, one glaring problem remains with the organIzation…THE GOAL SONG.

The 2016-2017 Flyers goal song remains the same. It’s a mashup up Rocky’s Gonna Fly Now and Dutch DJ Siesto’s Secrets. Check it out:

What is going on musically with the Philadelphia Flyers? This is becoming a persistent issue with this franchise. Musically, they are the most backwards team in the city. The Flyers goal song has been an issue for years. I know that a bunch of the fans want to go back to Bro Hymn by Pennywise, but that’s lame too. The Anaheim Ducks have been using it for a decade. Pennywise also played live at the Ducks’ Finals celebration. Forget that song.

The good people over at Sons Of Penn, who go a fantastic job covering the Flyers, put together the ultimate list of 2016-2017 Flyers music from their goal song to their pre-game playlist. I highly recommend checking out the music when you get a chance here.

First off, enough with g*d damn Rocky. He’s a fictional movie character and completely overused–even more so than Kate Smith. Secondly, Siesto? Is a 23-year-old rave kid in neon running the Flyers music department? This is hockey in Philadelphia, right? This may actually be the worst goal song mashup in the league. Even Winnipeg has it better:

In the past, we’ve done a poll at Jawnville and got some solid responses. I wish a better effort was made and this wasn’t necessary, but no.

So, we put together some horn and music samples so you can hear how much better goals could be at the Wells Fargo Center if we were running the show. Give a listen and pick your favorite.

The past clear favorite was Tick Tick Boom by The Hives. That would sound something like this:

I would agree with the masses. That would be ideal. The crowd can actually sing the “YEAHHHHHH” if they feel so included. Bad ass!

How about some Foo Fighters? All My Life  would sound like this:

Not bad. Who doesn’t like Foo Fighters. They definitely feel more Flyers fan than Siesto.

Another favorite and repeat candidate of ours is Japandroids The House that Heaven Built. Check it out:

And one more. We grabbed the Vonn Bondies C’mon C’mon.

If you wanna go a little Hip-Hop Flo-Rida’s Good Feeling could work. 

Here’s a suggestion for a friend who digs Pearl Jam a little more than I do. Rearviewmirror

One last one, that might be my second favorite after the The Hives. This is Franz Ferdinand’s Do You Want To

There you have it for now. If you have any other suggestions for mashup let me know at @violationsgreg and I’ll try to put them together.

We need to do something. There is no reason that fans down at Wells Fargo Center should have to suffer through such lousy music. Spread the word. Tweet at them. Do something, after you like and share this piece of course.

If you can check out the pre-game playlist, that is equally atrocious. Again, it sounds like everyone should have glow sticks and be rollin’ on Molly in a warehouse. These are Flyers fans. They like Megadeath. Dave Mustaine has even been displayed on the big screen. Their fans like rock. Not this, which is part of the pre-game playlist.

Seriously..something has to give. Flyers fans deserve better music. Flyers, email me…I’ll help you for free.

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