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Carson Wentz’s first season in the NFL is over. Last month, we did a piece comparing Carson’s first 12 games to the first season of a group of contemporary NFL quarterbacks. With the season over, let’s take a look at how his final stats compare with those same QBs and stats.

Again, before we get to the numbers it is important to look at the top receivers for each quarterback’s first season to put things in perspective.

Ben Roethlisberger/Steelers
Hines Ward
Antwaan Randle El
Plaxico Burress
Verron Hayes

Peyton Manning
Marshall Faulk
Marvin Harrison
Jerome Panthon
Torrance Small

Tom Brady/Patriots
Troy Brown
David Patton
Kevin Faulk
Marc Edwards

Aaron Rogers/Packers
Greg Jennings
Donald Driver
Donald Lee
Jordy Nelson

Drew Brees/Chargers
LaDanian Tomlinson
Curtis Conway
Tim Dwight
Stephan Alexander

Andrew Luck/Colts
Reggie Wayne
Donnie Avery
TY Hilton
Dwayne Allen

Russell Wilson/Seahawks
Sidney Rice
Golden Tate
Zach Miller
Dough Baldwin

Matt Ryan/Falcons
Roddy White
Michael Jenkins
Jerious Norwood
Harry Douglas

Joe Flacco/Ravens
Derrick Mason
Mark Clayton
Todd Heap
Ray Rice

Carson Wentz
Zach Ertz
Jordan Matthews
Darren Sproles
Trey Burton

Wentz’s attempts are only exceeded by Andrew Luck, who had Marvin Harrison.


Luck 16 627
Wentz 16 607
Peyton 16 575
Rogers 16 536
Brees 16 526
Ryan 16 434
Flacco 16 428
Brady 14 413
Wilson 16 393
Ben 13 295

With that crazy amount of attempts, Wentz’s Completion Percentage is respectable among the group. In particular, he completed a higher percentage of passes than Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Andrew Luck in their first years. Peyton and Luck seem rather abysmal.

Completion %:

GS Cmp%
Ben 13 66.4
Wilson 16 64.1
Brady 14 63.9
Rogers 16 63.6
Wentz 16 62.4
Ryan 16 61.1
Brees 16 60.8
Flacco 16 60
Peyton 16 56.7
Luck 16 54.1

Wentz’s Touchdown Percentage stinks, but look at who he’s throwing to.

TD %:

Wilson 16 6.6
Ben 13 5.8
Rogers 16 5.2
Peyton 16 4.5
Brady 14 4.4
Ryan 16 3.7
Luck 16 3.7
Flacco 16 3.3
Brees 16 3.2
Wentz 16 2.6

This is my favorite stat in the group. Carson Wentz has the lowest Interception Percentage among the group’s first year stats. That’s quite impressive with the amount of attempt he made. One might think that with so many attempts that he’d be intercepted more. Peyton threw 26 Interceptions. That’s 12 more than Wentz in 32 fewer attempts. Luck threw 6 more Interceptions in 20 more attempts.

Interception %:

GS Int%
Peyton 16 4.9
Ben 13 3.7
Brees 16 3
Brady 14 2.9
Luck 16 2.9
Flacco 16 2.8
Wilson 16 2.5
Ryan 16 2.5
Rogers 16 2.4
Wentz 16 2.3


Luck 16 273.4
Rogers 16 252.4
Wentz 16 236.4
Peyton 16 233.7
Ryan 16 215
Brees 16 205.3
Wilson 16 194.9
Brady 14 189.5
Ben 13 187.2
Flacco 16 185.7


GS Rate
Wilson 16 100
Ben 13 98.1
Rogers 16 93.8
Ryan 16 87.7
Brady 14 86.5
Flacco 16 80.3
Wentz 16 79.3
Brees 16 76.9
Luck 16 76.5
Peyton 16 71.2


Sure, Wentz didn’t put up Dak Prescott numbers, but his supporting cast was a joke in comparison.

Carson Wentz is a player. His stats are in line with some great contemporaries in their first full year in the NFL. I’d argue that his supporting cast is by far the worst of the bunch. One could make a case for Tom Brady’s skill players the Belichick trumps that argument. With that in mind, his stats are more impressive.

Get this guy some skill players (Not Desean Jackson, more on that later) and he’s going to look very good.


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Mayor of Jawnville. Sports-junkie, writer, observer of the absurd. I rarely wear a suit, but when I do it's a 40R. Juniata Park & North Catholic proud.
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