A Day in Jawnville: Evil Genius Beer Company

This Thursday we hopped into an Uber and ventured into KensingFishtown to visit the Evil Genius Beer Company.

We had heard good things about the spot and were geeked about the visit.

The first impression is of a clean, neat, spacious location. There is a decent size bar and plenty of seating to handle weekend crowds.

The tables have a cool, rustic, wood vibe.

We started off like amateurs, ordering a couple of pints. This is a mistake. If this is your first time here, definitely go with the flight of five 5 oz beers for $11.50. They have so many beers on draft that this is the way to go, unless you’re a seasoned professional here and know exactly what you like.

We started with pints of STOP TRYING TO MAKE FETCH HAPPEN (Irish Red Ale) and EVERYBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER (Cascade Cream Ale). I liked the Cream Ale more so than the Irish Red Ale, which had a bit too much malt for our liking. The Everybody Puts is a solid session ale. The fantastic crew at Evil Genius that night actually took the Red Ale off our tab because they could tell it wasn’t too our liking.

Let’s state that the crew at Evil Genius was fantastic. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and made us feel at home immediately. Whoever does the hiring here deserves a raise. We stopped at three bars that night and the staff here was, by far, the best.

They have a ten beers available, all brewed on premises, hence the flight suggestion.

The 5 oz beers for $2.50 is a bargain and we highly recommend them. We sampled Kiwi Triple IPA, a Cantaloupe Saison, and Citra/Simcoe Double IPA. The highlight was the Double IPA. The combination of Simcoe/Citra was perfectly balanced. We would’ve never guessed it was a Double IPA. It was that smooth without a taste of high abv punching you in the face. The cantaloupe and kiwi brews were decent, but may have a been a bit ambitious.

I think Evil Genius thrives when they don’t try to do too much and get too fancy. The Cream Ale and the Double IPA were beers I could drink all night, at least until I puked.

The menus of drinks and food are on old VHS cases.

There is no waitress service at the tables, so be warned. If it’s crowded, whoever is getting beers could be standing in line for a bit on busy weekend nights. To be honest, I’d rather sit at my table with friends and wait a few minutes longer than standing solo in line. But, that’s us being nitpicky.

We didn’t get any food, but the food we saw coming out to the people around us looked perfectly good and tasty. People seemed happy.

This is definitely a welcomed addition to the Philly beer scene. We highly recommend heading out with a group of friends and pounding a couple rounds of flights. The variety is nice and makes for a fun night out sampling the different beers.

Get your beer-loving friends and head to Evil Genius for a night out. You won’t regret it.

Evil Genius Beer Company
1727 N Front St
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Oh…and we saw this great shirt on the night of May the 4th….be with you.


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Mayor of Jawnville. Sports-junkie, writer, observer of the absurd. I rarely wear a suit, but when I do it's a 40R. Juniata Park & North Catholic proud.
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