2017 Jersey Longevity Rankings

With all four teams recently concluding their drafts, it is time to release the 2017 Jersey Longevity Rankings. This is our guide for anyone looking to buy a new jersey for any of the four major Philadelphia sports teams and have the jersey remain relevant for the longest period of time possible. This is a bang for the buck guide. We know how frustrating it is to buy a new jersey, usually upwards of $100 or more, only to have that player be traded or released a year later.

This guide will help you make an informed and practical purchase so you can spend more money in the coming years on booze, recreational drugs, porn, clothes, whatever, instead of another jersey.


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1. CARSON WENTZ#11 –  Eagles
This is a no brainer. He’s the future of the Eagles. While Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid may be in the same ballpark, particularly with the short career spans in the NFL, we think you’re safe with Wentz. The kid showed some growing pains, but also composure that most rookie QBs do not possess. Wentz is a lock to be here through 2019, barring any devastating injury, because his cap hits are $15M in 2018 and $8.4M in 2019 if the Eagles cut him.

While some may argue that NBA players have longer careers and should be given priority over a football player, there is no denying that football jerseys are more practical than the basketball jersey. That goes into the complex Jawnville algorithm used in these determinations. The numbers say you get more bang for the buck with the NFL. We go Wentz at #1.

2. BEN SIMMONS – #25 – 76ers
Ben Simmons’ broken foot should be completely healed. This doesn’t seem like an injury that will be recurring. While Embiid is a strong contender here, you can’t deny that Simmons has the potential to be a generational talent as a 6″10′ point guard with his skills and athleticism. Simmons is also under Sixers’ control for two years longer than Embiid.

3. JOEL EMBIID – #21 – Sixers
We could only hold Joel “The Process” Embiid down for so long. There was no way he was gonna drop below 3. While the injuries are a major concern, as is only being under contract for two more seasons, we just don’t see the 76ers moving on from Embiid in the near future. Embiid’s got a fun factor that includes his social media that factors highly in our algorithm.

4. DEREK BARNETT – #96 – Eagles
All scouts agreed going into the NFL Draft that Barnett was a safe, solid top 15 NFL pick. He broke Reggie White’s sack record at Tennessee. Reports from the OTA’s were that Barnett looked good. If you doubt this high of a ranking, take a look at Marcus Smith. The Eagles are not a team that rushes to cut its first round draft pick hastily. There’s no chance Barnett does not out perform Marcus Smith and Smith hung around for three years. Barnett gets you four seasons, at the minimum.

5. IVAN PROVOROV – #9 – Flyers
This guy is a building block of the Flyers’ future. He may have been the lone bright spot in the Flyers past season. Provorov has all the makings of a kid on-track to become one of the game’s elite defenders. He played all 82 games and led the team in ice-time, AS A TEENAGER. Reports are that the guy trains hard and studies hard. Hexy is somewhat unpredictable. That is a considerable factor and helps to explain why you don’t see traditional Flyers “stars” ranking at the top of the list. As the recent Schenn deal proves, almost no one is a guarantee to remain with the club. However, we feel confident that Provorov is exactly the type of player Hextall wants to move forward with. The aging veterans? Not so much.

Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

6. FLETCHER COX – #91 – Eagles
Fletcher Cox’s salary cap hits, should he be released, are $38.4 in 2018 and $28.3 in 2019. The earliest Cox might be released is 2020 when his cap hit would be $6.4M. Hopefully, Cox rebounds from his down year in 2016-17. You got a solid 3 seasons with this purchase.

7. MARKELLE FULTZ – #20* – Sixers
Fultz will be under four years and a restricted free agent in year 5. As long as Colangelo is in town, Fultz should be here. Bryan Colangelo has kind of pinned his 76ers legacy to the deal to move up and draft Fultz. The number 20 is dependent upon Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot giving up number 20. He’s mentioned on social media that he’d like a Lamborghini from Fultz in consideration of giving up 20. We figure it will cost far less than that or TLC will probably just find himself playing in Delaware at the start of the season. Don’t buy until the number is official.

8. NOLAN PATRICK – #19* – Flyers
Odds are that Nolan Patrick will be with the Flyers at the start of the season. Most scouting reports said that Patrick was NHL-ready. It should not be difficult for a healthy Patrick to make the Flyers roster, being they weren’t one of the most skilled teams in the NHL last season. He does have a history of injuries, but this, again, is exactly the type of young, skilled player Hextall looks to be interested in building around. 19 has not been confirmed as Patrick’s jersey number yet. However, no one on the Flyers current roster wears 19 and Patrick has worn 19 for four years with the Brandon Wheat Kings and with the Canada Red team.

9. CHARLIE MANUEL – #41 – Phillies
Let’s be real. There is no one on this current Phillies roster that we can recommend for buying their jersey. None. This is where the MLB All-Star rule comes into play and you have to pick at least one jersey from each team. We’re going with Charlie Manuel. He’s the adorable Grandpop we all want in our lives. We cannot think of a more likable Philles and he’s a World Champion. He’s the manager/head coach who broke Philadelphia championship drought and that makes him an instant legend that never goes out of favor. You can wear Charlie Manuel’s #41 for infinity.

We wanted a top 10 list because no one makes a top 9 list. So nobody comes in at #10. Philadelphia just doesn’t have enough young, proven talents that we feel comfortable recommending at this time. The teams are simply too young and all in transition. This will need to play out for a year. Earlier favorites to make this list for next year include: Saric (trade rumors hurt him this year), Shayne Gostisbehere, Jordan Hicks, Jorge Alfaro, Aaron Altherr, Alshon Jeffrey, Jalen Mills.

There you have it. Remember, unexpected injuries are always the unknown. Good luck. These jersey ain’t cheap.



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Mayor of Jawnville. Sports-junkie, writer, observer of the absurd. I rarely wear a suit, but when I do it's a 40R. Juniata Park & North Catholic proud.
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