Eagles Super Bowl Hype Video

It doesn’t get much better than this. The Eagles got this one spot on. Go Birds.

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Two Iconic Philly & Boston Bars Make Super Bowl Wager

If you’re from Philly and drink either drink beers or watch sports then you probably know O’Neals Irish Pub on 3rd Street just south of South Street. If you don’t, shame on you. It’s one of the true local treasures for sporting events, especially during March Madness. If you watch TV at all then you’ve probably heard of Cheers in Boston. Well, these two iconic bars have agreed on a Super Bowl wager.

It all started with a tweet from Cheers Boston.

O’Neals’ owner, Spoonie, accepted the challenge and put together one helluva a kitty for the wager.

Damn! Cases of Yards and Philly Brewing? What could Boston even offer to match that? Some chowder? You know they were gonna throw in that crappy Sam Adams beer because they actually think it’s decent up in Boston. I tried to warn Cheers, but they didn’t listen.

After some back and forth, the two sides came to an understanding.

O’Neals even added some South Street Bagels. You have to feel bad for Boston people. There just isn’t a ton of good local food and beverage up there. Baked Beans? A lobster? I hope they’re driving to Maine for that lobster.

This wager is all about confidence. O’Neals is confident about an Eagles win and put a massive collection of good food and drink on the table. Cheers Boston? They’re scared. They feel an Eagles win coming don’t want to be on the hook for a large bounty so the offer up Harpoon, which is a solid beer, and then Sam Adams, HOMEMADE baked beans, and ONE lobster? Sounds more like a clearance sale. Boston is a scared bunch without spygate or deflated balls.

Now we have one more reason to add to our Reasons to Hate Boston list. They are apparently cheap gamblers, too.

Go Eagles! Go O’Neals.


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SUPER BOWL LII: Philly Gets a 2nd Holiday Season

Photo: bradfordexchange.com

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, one can’t ignore the energy that takes over the country between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Friends gather for Friends-givings. Hanukkah Menorahs are out and lit. The stores play Holiday music. There are Holiday parties every night of the week. The pubs are decorated with Christmas lights. People strut through the streets in their best ugly Christmas sweaters and Santa hats. Everyone is…well…pleasant, unless it’s Black Friday.

We, here in Philadelphia, have been lucky enough to get a second Holiday Season. Friends are gathering to watch games. Instead of hearing Holiday music at every turn, our ears are soothed to the sounds of random E-A-G-L-E-S chants and heartful renditions of the Eagles’ Fight Song from adults to seniors to drunks at the local watering hole to classrooms full of children.

Instead of Holiday decorations, business, homes, and even cars are now decorated with Eagles lights and swag. The Christmas sweaters and Santa hats have been replaced with Eagles jerseys, sherseys, and hats. Friends and families are planning their gatherings and menus for Super Bowl Sunday.

People are holding doors for one another. People are happy…AND NICE. Maybe even too nice. I was stuck at the four-way stop sign on Snyder Avenue, just outside of John’s Roast Pork, for what felt like ten minutes.  Usually, it’s a clusterf*ck of cars aggressively pushing their way through the intersection. Car-bullies regularly jumping out into the intersection ahead of the more passive drivers. Horns honk. Not yesterday. Every driver seemed to wave each other on with a polite and understood, “No, after you, I insist,” to the point that no one was moving.

If you’re a social drinker, I would implore you to get out to your local watering hole. Every night in Philly this week is like a holiday party without any bosses. People are buying each other drinks. Groups of people are doing shots to E-A-G-L-E-S chants.

The Eagles and our Super Bowl Dreams have given us a small sample of what life could be like with a simple shift in our mentality. A shift that brings hope and ignores our differences as a people while focusing on our similarities–being Eagles fans. A shift where we say “Go Birds” to random strangers simply because they are wearing Eagles gear and allows us to realize that we can say things like “hello” or “good morning” to one another simply because we are humans in this world together. A shift that brings us together as one where we all share a common goal and we boost each other up, instead of tearing each other down. All of our differences have ceased to exist for the past week or so and it’s been rather glorious.

Be grateful Philly. This second holiday-like season is a true gift. The past week or so has been uplifting and has shown us that we can all get along by embracing our commonalities. Thank you, Eagles, for helping to bring this united, almost utopian, period of time into our lives, even if it is temporary. It’s been a true joy to experience.

As the Eagles have shown us and Malcolm Jenkins told us, WE ALL WE GOT, WE ALL WE NEED. And, for right now, that’s been more than enough both on the field and in the city. Let’s hope it continues for one more game.


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Super Bowl LII: 10 Reasons to Hate Boston….If You Need Them

Everyone hates the Patriots, unless you’re a soulless scoundrel. If you find your Boston hate not at its peak levels going into this weekend’s Super Bowl LII, where the Eagles shall bring the Patriots dynasty to its crumbling demise, we are here to help.

We bring you ten reasons to boost that Boston hate, aside from the obvious Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox reasons.

10. DROPKICK MURPHYS – I feel bad that the Dropkick Murphy’s make the list because they’re here for two reasons, none of which are their own doing. First, St. Patty’s Days everywhere have been forever ruined with their song “I’m Shipping Up To Boston” being available on those new-fangled jukeboxes that allow drunken-one-day-Irish-amateurs play this song on repeat. Spend an hour in any Philly Irish Bar on March 17th and you’re guaranteed to hear this song at least four times. Ask any bartender you know.

The second reason they make the list is Jonathan Pappelbon. This was his entrance song while he was in Boston and we all know being associated with Pappelbon is reason enough to hate it.

9. BOSTON HATES HAPPY HOURS – Want to go get some drinks with your friends after work and snag some discounted Happy Hour prices? Too bad. There aren’t any Happy Hours in Boston. That’s right. Boston and all of Massachusetts are anti-Happy-Hourites. The state bans it. If Bostonian had any serious drinking chops, they’d organize and get that legislation changed pronto. But, they don’t because they hate Happy Hour and that’s a reason for you to hate Boston.

8. DANE COOK – Who? Right? Think back to the 1990’s and early 2000’s. He was that surprisingly unfunny comedian who convinced enough people he was funny that he was able to headline arenas. He’s a Cambridge, Mass guy who starred in those movie classics like: Good Luck Chuck, Employee of the Month, and My Best Friend’s Girl. Below is an old bit he did about the “creepy guy at work.” I would suggest that perhaps he is now that creepy guy at work since he’s like 45 and has been dating a 19 year-old for the past year.

7. EXTREME –  Nuno Bettencourt is a great guitar player, but that doesn’t excuse him from being a member of this band. This band created a string of terribly bad and irritating songs that pained your ears for years in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It started with corny Kid Ego and went downhill from there. Their second record was cleverly titled, Extreme II: Pornograffitti. Get it? It’s a mash-up of Pornography and Graffiti. It’s that kind of genius that fueled this musical crap. If you’re a Gen Xer you probably had to dance or make-out to the brutal More Than Words. If that wasn’t enough, their singer temporarily joined Van Halen and made Van Halen worst than when Sammy Hagar joined, and that didn’t seem possible. Play this video over and over if you need to fuel some anti-Boston and Patriots rage and remember, this band is partially responsible for the abomination that is the Van Halen III album.

6. PURITANS – Philly and Pennsylvania Quakers are way hipper and overall cooler than the Boston/England Puritans. Quakers are actually nice people who would never think of causing harm to others. These narrow-minded Puritans were the complete opposite. They feared strong-willed women to the point of accusing many of being witches and hanging them. They probably didn’t burn them at the stake because they couldn’t figure out how to light matches. Puritans even let two infants die in prison while the witch hysteria consumed the Boston area. Who doesn’t like witches anyway? Down with Puritans. Up with Pagans!

5. NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK – These were never good and may be solely responsible for the resurgence of dancing boy bands that hasn’t quit since the 1990s. These annoying kids took what Menudo was doing and Americanized it setting the formula of mediocre dancing combined with overproduced vocals that paved the way for Back Street Boys, NSync, 98 Degrees, O-Town, One Direction, and on and on and on. You hate them. If you don’t, you should.

4. CAPE CODDER – What the F*ck is cape codder? I’ll tell you. It’s how a douchey New Englander orders a vodka and cranberry at the bar. Most civilized cocktail-enjoying humans, when ordering a cocktail with just two ingredients, just name the ingredients. Examples being: Jack & Coke, Capt & Coke, Gin & Tonic. Not these delta bravos. They have to let the world know they’re a New Englander. Take your Cape Codders and your Chowdahs and beat it.

3. BOSTON BEER COMPANY – Boston Lager stinks. Boston Ale stinks. Rebel IPA stinks. Porch Rocker stinks. Noble Pils really stinks. Fresh as Helles blows. I’ve never tasted a beer from this overrated hack of a brewing company that I’ve ever enjoyed. Admit it. You know it. I’d rather have a Michelob Ultra than anything from this company and that includes their terrible Angry Orchard. Philly brewers Yards, Philadelphia Brewing Company, St. Benjamins are in an entirely different class. F*ck these beers.

2. SWEET CAROLINE AT FENWAY PARK – The singing of Sweet Caroline at Fenway Park has to be the most annoying ballpark tradition. Name one that’s more annoying. The Atlanta chop? Eh. Octopus on the ice? Nope. The only ballpark tradition that could be more annoying is selling Sam Adams beers at the ballpark.

1. BOSTON ACCENT – The worst accent in the country. Absolutely nothing wicked awesome about it. Its indecipherable and sounds like they’re talking with a mouthful of Tom Brady’s deflated balls. As my buddy Bartender Bill so eloquently says of the accent, “I hate it. It’s stupid.” Tell me you don’t want to punch your screen after watching this guy say “Parks Department.”


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INSIDE THE NUMBERS: Schwartz vs. Brady

May the Schwartz Be With Us has been my motto for this Eagles since Carson Wentz went down in the game against the Rams. And, Schwartz hasn’t let us down. His Eagles defense has been exceptional, aside from the Giants game. For the Eagles to win Super Bowl LII, Schwartz in gonna have contain Brady. That begs the questions, how has Schwartz fared against Brady?

As either a Defensive Coordinator or Head Coach, Jim Schwartz has faced Brady 6 times. I am not including a game in 2014 where the Patriots rested players, including Brady, while Schwartz was in Buffalo as Def. Coordinator.

The numbers, at first glance, say that Schwartz hasn’t had his best games against Brady. His record is 1-5 vs. Brady, who has a cumulative QB Rating of 101.95 in those six games. Brady also happens to have 12 TDs and 1 INT in those six games. Yikes!

Position Year Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate
DC 2006 60.7 243 2 0 112.6
DC 2003 54.8 193 1 0 84.5
DC 2003 51.2 201 1 0 73.3
DC 2002 48.4 120 0 1 45.1
HC 2010 77.8 338 4 0 158.3
DC 2014 73 346 4 0 137.9
60.98% 240.2 yd/game 12 1 101.95

Those stats and number have New Englanders all geeked up. There’s a musketfire.com article titled New England Patriots have Had Success Against Jim Schwartz here. And tweets like this one, included in that story, are making the circuit.

Those numbers look great if you’re a Patriots fans so they probably just took them at face value because they fit the narrative that the Patriots offense will have success against the Schwartz-led Eagles defense and they’re Patriots fans so they’re probably lazy bloggers/writers. But, if you dig a little deeper, a different narrative begins to unravel.

Do any of Schwartz’s previous defenses that have faced Brady compare with this year’s Eagles defense, which is top 4 overall and #1 vs. the run?

Year Team Points/Allowed Total Yards/Allowed Rushing Yards/Allowed
2002 TN 11th 10th 2nd
2003 TN 13th 12th 1st
2006 TN 31st 32nd 30th
2010 DET 19th 21st 24th
2014 BUF 4th 11th 11th
2017 PHI 4th 4th 1st

This year’s Eagles team is clearly the best Defense Schwartz has had while facing Brady. They ranked 1st against the rush, and 4th in Total Yards Allowed and Points Allowed. Of Schwartz’s previous teams that faced Brady, his 2002 & 2003 Titans are the closest to this year’s 2017 Eagles because they were also great against the run so that’s what I’ll use for comparison purposes.

What happens when Schwartz has a defense that smothers the run and he faces Brady? A strange picture unfolds–one of Brady mediocrity. Here is how Brady performed against Schwartz defenses that were dominant against the run.

Position Year Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate
DC 2003 54.8 193 1 0 84.5
DC 2003 51.2 201 1 0 73.3
DC 2002 48.4 120 0 1 45.1
51.47% 171.33 yd/g 2 1 67.63
BRADY  CAREER AVGS   63% 270 yd/g     90.1

Brady’s rating drops over 23 points below his career average. His yards per game is about 100 yards less and his completion percentage is a full 11% lower. In other words, Brady’s stats, when facing a Schwartz defense that has great success stopping the run, fall short of Nick Foles’ career averages.

Don’t take the numbers of Schwartz versus Brady at face value like those New Englanders mentioned above. There’s more to it. When Schwartz has a defense that cannot stop the run, Brady has shredded him. But, when Schwartz’s squads can stop the run, LOOKOUT! Brady has seen much better days and that was against comparable Schwartz defenses not as good as this year’s Eagles.

Luckily for Eagles fans, 2017 just happens to be one of those years where Schwartz’s squad has feasted on most of the rushing attacks they’ve encountered and safely rests high atop the NFL’s rushing defense rankings. This year is also different because Schwartz’s Cox should be all up in Brady’s face.


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Eagles Will Win….Because They Have Nothing to Lose

Stress can make one sick. Stress can cause one to lose sleep. Stress, and an inability to handle it properly, can cause athletes to underperform–choke, if you will. Luckily for Philly sports fans the Eagles should be heading into Super Bowl LII completely stress free.  They’ve got everything to win and nothing to lose because they already lost more than any team in recent Super Bowl memory.

Injuries have plagued this Eagles team, which somehow remained the best team in the NFL in the face such adversity. Injuries happen on every team, but you would be hard-pressed to find a team that lost as many prominent players as the Eagles and did not experience a drop-off. They’re in the freaking Super Bowl!

Their reliable kicker Caleb Sturgis? Gone after week 1. They lost their Pro-Bowl running back Darren Sproles in week 3 with a broken arm that needed surgery AND a torn ACL. Special Teams Captain Chris Maragos’ season came to an end in week 6 with a knee injury. Jordan Hicks, their starting middle linebacker, they lost him for the season in week 7. The injury god’s were greedy on Week 7. Future Hall of Famer and 2016 Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters just happened to blow out his knee that same week. The apparent death-blow came on Week 14 when they lost their starting QB and NFL MVP favorite Carson Wentz to a season-ending knee injury.

The season seamed over. Most thought the Eagles would be one and done in the Playoffs, but a strange thing happened. They just kept winning. And, now, they find themselves in the Super Bowl against the evil empire, the New England Patriots.

The Eagles, led by a head coach that many underestimated, are attempting to win the franchise’s first Super Bowl with a bunch of back-ups at key positions including Nick Foles at quarterback. No one expected them to be here. No one expects them to win.

The Patriots are looking to tie the Pittsburgh Steelers with a league-leading six Super Bowl wins. They are the reigning NFL dynasty. They have the greatest coach in NFL history and the greatest quarterback. Brady and Belichick are looking to prove to the world that they are a united force and that trading Jimmy Garoppolo was the right move. They opened as six point favorites in Super Bowl LII. That number is dropping. All that stands in their way is a Nick Foles and Doug Pederson-led Eagles team. A Patriots loss here could be colossal.  A loss here could signal the end of Brady-Belichick era as the Eagles will only be better, healthier, and stronger next year when Wentz and the troops return.

The Patriots have everything to lose. The pressure is all on them. On the other hand, an Eagles’ loss at this point cannot tarnish a season in which they’ve already overachieved. The Eagles are loose, united, underdogs, and riding on house money. They’ve got nothing to lose and that’s exactly why they’re going to win Super LII.


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Hey Minnesota and Millie, We’re Sorry Not Sorry

“Being so bad got me feelin’ so good
Showing you up like I knew that I would
Baby, I’m sorry (I’m not sorry)”
-Demi Lovato (Sorry Not Sorry“)

Walking home from the 2017-18 NFC Championship game I stumbled across two young guys carrying a sign down Broad Street. Signs were everywhere, but this one was different. People cheered this sign when they saw it. It was the F*CK MILLIE sign.

I placed #F*CKMILLIE in the tweet because that the was impromptu agreement I made with the guys.

ME: “Can I take your picture?”

THEM: “Sure…just hashtag #F*CKMILLIE…hashtag F*CKMILLIE

So I did. I posted “Sign of the night on Broad Street” because, in my observations, no sign received as boisterous a response as the sheet that read “F*CK MILLIE.” Since that tweet and a pickup by Deadspin and Daily Snark, I’ve been tweeted at for three days by Vikings fans telling how Eagles fans are nothing, but “Pieces of sh*t.”

Let’s start with something that is clearly obvious. Nobody wishes harm or ill-will towards Millie. Philly sports fans are intense, but were not savages–the overwhelming majority at least. Are there some asshats? ABSOLUTELY. Every fan base has them. Actually, as of 2016, the Eagles ranked 10th in average fan arrests at games. The innocent, poor Vikings fans also found themselves in the top 15 at #14. The top 15 can all be seen HERE.

This outrageous Eagles fan behavior story is way overblown because of one video. There were 68,000 fans at the Linc and a handful of morons. I spent four hours tailgating, saw numerous groups of Vikings fans, people tailgating, and witnessed dozens of people in Vikings gear walking about with no major issues aside from people BOOING them, telling them to go home, or flipping them off. I saw nothing to call the police about. In fact, Philly police are often undercover in opposing team’s gear at the Linc looking for the asshats and we saw no one arrested unlike past games where I saw Philly cops in Giants jerseys arresting idiot Eagles fans.

We had two Vikings fans in our section and the worst they experienced was our section doing a SKOL chant to mock them.

And yes, fans threw beers at the Vikings team bus and pounded on its windows. That’s not cool, but who is the logistical genius that decided that it was a good idea to drive the Vikings team bus up Broad Street, through the heart of the city’s Eagles’ celebration? That person should be reassigned.


Back to Millie. This F*CK MILLIE sign had nothing to do with the sweet woman Millie Wall. If she walked through the Linc she would’ve gotten high-fives and cheers. If she was tailgating, we would’ve given her a beer or her favorite drink, a screwdriver.

Unfortunately, Millie became the symbol of the disrespect that the Vikings, Vikings’ fans, Vegas, and NFL displayed toward the Philadelphia Eagles.

No one expected the Vikings to lose, especially not their fans who may be the most whiny and sorest losers ever known in the NFL. They are still complaining about Eagles fans, planning ways to exact revenge when Eagles’s fans head to Minneapolis, and are even calling Boston sportsradio stations to voice their now-support for the Patriots. Get over it. Your team got its ass handed to itself on national TV. Deal with it.

The Vikings definitely didn’t take the Eagles seriously. They looked like they didn’t prepare at all for the Eagles and were already working on a game-plan for the Patriots. The Eagles were an afterthought.

Vegas had the Eagles, the top seed in the NFC, underdogs at home.

The NFL accidentally put out promotional social media posts for Super Bowl LII featuring the Vikings and the Patriots.

And then there was Millie. She was a great story about a 99 year-old fan who would love to see her Vikings win a Super Bowl in their home stadium. FOX did a piece on Millie and the NFL used her as a photo-op for good publicity when Commissioner Roger Goodell gave Millie tickets to Super Bowl LII.

Fair enough. Great feel-good story. There was one problem. The Vikings weren’t in the Super Bowl YET!

I may be mistaken, but Goodell doesn’t regularly go to every Super Bowl host team and give their older fans tickets to the big game. Let’s be real. This was a story because Millie was going to be able to see her team play in a Super Bowl in her hometown.

Whether intentional or not Millie came represent league-wide disregard for an Eagles team without Carson Wentz behind center. She personified an assumption that the Vikings would enter Lincoln Financial Stadium and hand the Eagles a crushing, season-ending defeat. It didn’t matter that Goodell handed her tickets before the Vikings barely beat the Saints. The entire story fueled the Eagles underdog narrative.

The sign F*CKMILLIE came to symbolize a F*ck You to the Vikings, Vegas, NFL pundits, the NFL, and Roger Goodell.

Millie should’ve never been dragged into this and endure some fandom verbal/signage shrapnel because of it. It’s not her fault that Goodell and FOXSports couldn’t wait until after the Vikings were in the Super Bowl to hand her tickets to the big game. Much to all their dismay, the Eagles led by Nick Foles and Doug Pederson are in Super Bowl LII. That’s not as sexy a story as the Patriots trying to win their sixth versus a Vikings team playing in front of their home crowd and Millie.

The powers that be made this happen. They drew first blood. They disregarded and disrespected the Eagles. Then the Minneapolis media ran stories that Eagles fans were basically the equivalent a gang. That just fueled the disrespect fire. Vikings fans desecrating the Rocky Statue didn’t help.

We’re sorry Millie was pulled into this, but we’re not sorry we stuck it to the Vikings, their fans and media, the NFL, and Goodell.

So, to Millie, as Demi Lovato says, we are sorry, not sorry.




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Nick Foles Playoff Stats

Nick Foles’ Playoff QB Rating has been above 100 in all 3 postseason games he has started.

Foles career Postseason rating of 116.4 is also higher than Joe Montana’s 95.6. What the heck is going on??

Foles also happens to have the highest career Postseason QB rating with a minimum of 75 passing attempts:


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Fox NFL Crew Films on Passyunk Ave

We’ve heard stories of Vikings fans wandering into bars in South Philly and be treating with great kindness. Reports are even that Eagles fans bought Vikings fans rounds of drinks.

In addition, our tipsters say that the FOX NFL Sunday crew (Jimmy, Howie, Strahan, etc) was walking up and down Passyunk Avenue filming for a promo clip for Sunday’s broadcast.

Here’s a shot of the crew walking down the Ave.

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If you’re gonna do the EAGLES chant on TV ya might wanna know how to spell #Eagles. C’MON MAN. VIOLATION on my man Kenny V.

If you’re gonna do the EAGLES chant on TV ya might wanna know how to spell #Eagles. C’MON MAN. VIOLATION on my man Kenny V.

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