Minnesota’s Oldest Fan Millie Converts to Philly!

Have you seen the Millie to Philly story about 99 year-old Vikings fan Millie getting free tickets to the NFC Championship game?

This was her last week.

Apparently, after reading about the culture and city of Philadelphia she’s converted quicker than 9th Century Viking leader Guthrum converted to Christianity after St. Alfred the Great handily defeated him.

Here’s the new Millie. What do you think?

It’s a much better look. She knows a better city and better team. With age comes wisdom.

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Vikings’ Fans are Scared of Eagles’ Fans

(Charlie Neibergall | AP Photo)

The Star-Tribune did an article about Sun Country airlines adding an extra flight to Philly from Minneapolis in case people wanted to make the trek to Philly and “paint the town purple” while watching the Eagles win. They also gave some travel tips like Tony Luke’s, Chickie’s & Pete’s, and Oregon Steaks. The comments section of this article is the real story here.

It’s basically a slamfest of Philly fans that I tend to take as more complimentary than disparaging. These folks make Eagles fans out to be a rabid, violent mob. They are frightened by the Philly fan reputation and it’s a wonderful thing. They are scared and I like it that way. We need as few of them as possible in the building on Sunday. Check out some of these comments.  Oh, and props to aceman0 for trolling the fanbase.

aceman0 Went to 3 Eagles games at the Vet.  Never had a problem.  Quite an enjoyable experience.

Oh wait, I’m a 40 years Eagles fan living in Minnesota. LOL

Truckman182 I attended a Vikings game at the Vet. My advice to Vikings fans is don’t go. I should have left right away when I saw a guy in a Joey Browner Jersey get thrown down the stairs then pummeled. Philly is no place to wear purple and not expect to be harassed constantly. Go at your own risk.

Howlinjags one thing you can expect – philly fans will be hostile and abusive.   the bigger group you come with the better and sitting in move expensive seats a good choice   I was a season ticket holder in upper deck end zone for 7 years – I’m speaking from consistent observation

mnturbo @howlinjags 100% they are pretty terrible

markpalmen @howlinjags – You have that right!  I last went to Philly for the playoff game in 2004 and will NEVER go there again. The fans are very hostile before the alcohol kicks in, which it always does, and security just lets it happen. A city that put a magistrate and a jail in a stadium knows that there is a problem.

UpNorthLakes Let’s get Rowdy in Philly!! Skol!

Delusiondog @UpNorthLakes  Try it and see how that works out for you!

Flicka1492 Prepare to get mugged and punched in the face, not necessarily in that order. Philly is a dump.

Michelin33 @Flicka1492 Wow, I thought folks from Minnesota were nicer and classier than to make such comments as I’ve seen on this thread. Silly me, I guess I was just stereotyping…

Morg @Michelin33 Stereotypes exists for a reason: because they’re based on truth. Google philly santa snowballs.

Mnturbo @Michelin33 @Flicka1492 Seriously Phily fans scare me, they will not be nice to the Purple

thom1056 I would think that any advice about attending a game in Philly as a visiting fan would include information about subjecting yourself to the abuse you’ll likely experience. I’m not saying don’t go, but people should know to be prepared. Skol!

Squarn @thom1056 Agree. City of brotherly love….not!

Chasgoodnite @squarn @thom1056 City of Brotherly Shove.

3 observations. 1. Minnesotans are terrible at creating commenter handles. 2.These fans are the softest group of Vikings I’ve ever heard of. 3. Coming into the Linc wearing their purple would go against the basic principles of “Minnesota Nice.”

Fly Eagles Fly.

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Philly Ready for Northeast to Lose Their Shiznit

Philly authorities are getting ready to the good old Northeast to lose their shiznit after the Eagles beat the Vikings on Sunday.

The intersection of Frankford & Cottman Aves is always a mecca for Philly celebratory sports shenanigans. Remember???

Here’s the intersection after the NL East was won in 2008.

After the National League Pennant in 2008:

and….after winning the World Series.

Nice work by the authorities for getting in front of this and being prepared for the big win.


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Eagles Fans Be Like…

How do you know who is an Eagles fan this week? It’s easy. They’re walking around like this dude…

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Numbers Show Eagles’ D Might Be Better

Photo by: Tom Fox

It’s Tuesday and I’m already tired of hearing about the greatness of the Vikings defense, while talking about the Eagles defense like it’s some kind of second-class squad. How much better is the Vikings defense than the Eagles’? Is the Vikings defense all hype? I’ve watched both squads and I think the Eagles are just as good. Am I crazy? Let’s look at some numbers.


Opp Score Total Yards Pass Yards Rush Yards
16.24 280.76 197.41 83.35


Opp Score Total Yards Pass Yards Rush Yards
17.94 305.00 225.41 79.59

The Vikings, on average, give up 1.75 less points a game, about 28 less passing yards, and almost 4 more rushing yards per game than the Eagles. On face value, they are slightly better than the Eagles’ defense. But, let’s dig a little further.

Since the game is being played at Lincoln Financial Field, let’s take a look at the Vikings defense on the road.


Opp Score Total Yards Pass Yards Rush Yards
19.00 303.38 191.25 112.13

The numbers drop off a bit when the Vikings hit the road. They give up almost 3 more points, 23 more total yards, about 6 less passing yards, but their rush defense drops off dramatically to a whopping 112 yards per game. That means one thing. RUN, BABY RUN!

Let’s compare that to the Eagles defense at home.

Opp Score Total Yards Pass Yards Rush Yards
13.00 280.67 209.33 71.33

The Eagles defense performs dramatically better at home. Compared to the Vikings road defense, the Eagles defense gives up 6 less points. That’s basically a touchdown. The Eagles give up 18 more passing yards, but, most importantly, the give up only 71 yards per game rushing.

That’s important. The Vikings like to use the run to take a little pressure off Keenum. Good luck with that against the Eagles.

Let’s do one last comparison to prove that the Eagles defense is every bit as good as the Vikings. Let’s compare how the defenses performed against common opponents.

Opp Opp Score Total Yards Pass Yards Rush Yards
@Chicago Bears 17 274 159 115
@Washington Redskins 30 394 313 81
@Atlanta Falcons 9 275 173 102
@Carolina Panthers 31 345 129 216
Chicago Bears 10 201 171 30
AVERAGES: 19.4 297.8 189 108.8


Opp Opp Score Total Yards Pass Yards Rush Yards
@Washington Redskins 17 264 200 64
@Carolina Panthers 23 305 225 80
Washington Redskins 24 344 269 75
Chicago Bears 3 140 134 6
Atlanta Falcons 10 281 195 86
AVERAGES: 15.4 266.8 204.6 62.2

This format is easier for comparison purposes:

vs. Common Opponents:

Opp Score Total Yards Pass Yards Rush Yards
Vikings D Averages: 19.4 297.8 189 108.8
Eagles D Averages: 15.4 266.8 204.6 62.2

Eagles’ defense outperformed the Vikings defense versus common opponents in every category, but total Avg Passing Yards Allowed. The Eagles’ gave up 4 points less per game and 46.6 less yards rushing. That’s just ridiculous.

The numbers don’t lie. This Vikings’ defense is good, but the Eagles are just as good, if not better.


Fly Eagles Fly.

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The Vikings? BRING IT!

My feet hurt from the eight hours of standing on multiple hand warmers shoved into my sneakers. The bedroom reeked of Miller-Lite-induced flatulence. Each swallow felt like I had a cactus stuck in the back of my throat from four hours of screaming at the top of my lungs. I felt as though I had played a game myself, drained. I spent Sunday in sweatpants, ordering in multiple orders of food like a lazy sloth. It was like I had the flu, an Eagles Playoff flu, and I never felt better.

I watched my DVR’d Eagles Post-Game Live Show as soon as I awakened. I was like a kid on Christmas morning trying to stay home all day with his new toys, trying to maintain the Eagles Victory High from the night before and reliving every big play. I woke up still wearing my long johns, Eagles hoodie, and beanie cap from the night before. It was one helluva night and I couldn’t have been prouder to be a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

After a few early stumbles, the Eagles clicked on all points: offensively, defensively, special teams, coaching, and the fans. This was Doug Pederson’s coming out party. Too many people have said his success has been because of Carson Wentz. Well, dude is now 3-0 without Wentz in meaningful games. And, last night he called a great game that sent the reigning NFC Champions and NFL MVP home for the summer.

The Eagles have the best record in the NFL and they earned home-field advantage. They’ve won without Jordan Hicks, Chris Maragos, Jason Peters, Darren Sproles, and Carson Wentz. They may not be the prettiest wins, but this team’s resiliency embodies the City of Philadelphia. So, in typical Philly fashion, F**K the naysayers, F**K Vegas, F**K the doubters, F**K everyone.

That mentality consumed the Linc on Saturday night. It was us, the team, the city, and the fans against the world. Journalists, prognosticators, “so-called” experts and talking heads got served a heaping hot bowl of crow. If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket on Sunday you best be prepared to bring your A-jawn to the Linc.

Now, the Vikings are heading to Philly in a game that few are already giving the Eagles a chance to win. Early Vegas lines have them at 3.5 point underdogs against a team on the road quarterbacked by Case Keenum with a defense that is marginally better than the Eagles. So, I say bring it the F**K on.

All week long we are gonna hear how great this Vikings defense is. They’re good. But, so are the Eagles. The Eagles are better against the run. The Vikings against the pass. The Vikings give up 2.6 points less a game. Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t the likes of the Steel Curtain or the 2012 Ravens.

Bring on Latavius Murray and Jerrick McKinnon. I’ll take Ajayi, Blount, and Clement. Bring on Thielen, Diggs, and Kyle Rudolph. Schwartz and the Eagles just shut down and better group of receives. Case Keenum? He’s coming to Philly because of a fluke play where a Saints cornerback decided to tackle air instead of Diggs. We ain’t scared.

If you are, keep that bullsh*t to yourself. This team, this city, these fans ain’t got no time for that. As the playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, “People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

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Matty Ice…Not So Much

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has only played two career NFL games in temperatures at or below freezing. Why is that important? Because weather.com currently has the temperature at kickoff at 32 degrees and dropping.

How has Matt Ryan performed in those two games? He’s 1-1, but his performances have been quite average.

That’s good news for Eagles fans. Just another indication that things are setting up nicely for an Eagles win.

Also worth noting, as of this morning almost $500K has been wagered on the Eagles/Falcons game at various Vegas sports books. The majority has come in on the Falcons. Upwards of 60%. The number hasn’t risen above Eagles +3. That means Vegas is quite content thus far with people taking the Falcons -3. If they weren’t, it would go to Falcons -3.5.

Vegas thinks this is a close game or maybe an Eagles win. Let’s hope that line stays at Falcons -3 or drops to -2.5 or less. A large wager by a “sharp” bettor on the Falcons could change Vegas’ mind. So far, so good.

Fly Eagles Fly.

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Eagles Hype Video Kicks Ass!

Wanna a reason to run through a wall? Are you a doubter about Nick Foles leading the most resilient team in the NFL this season? Are you scared of Matty Ice and the Falcons? Well, the Eagles just released a video for you.

In typical Eagles fashion, they released a hype video for this week’s game that captures the spirit of this Eagles team and embodies power and passion of Eagles fans. Oh, and unlike the Atlanta Falcons video, this one is most certainly not lame.

Gather the co-workers, crank up your volume and enjoy! E-A-G-L-E-S!

In a city with this much will, there must be a way.

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Atlanta Falcons Hype Video Sucks!

The Atlanta Falcons tweeted out a hype video for Saturday’s game against the Eagles. It’s weak. It’s missing hype. And, it’s lame enough to end on a giant corporate logo from Mercedes-Benz. The Eagles on the other hand usually end their hype videos on the epic Fly Eagles Fly.

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Yards Went the Whole Nine Yards

Finally made it over to the new Yards Brewery on Spring Garden Street and I only had one question: Why the F*ck did I wait so long?!

The place is impressive. It’s sleek, clean, spacious and filled with long communal tables and benches.

The bar space has a few TVs so you can drink and watch games.

The space has a nice, friendly open feel to it. It reminds me of some of the better breweries’ I’ve visited across the country like Southern Pacific Brewing or Maui Brewing Company.

The beer selection impressed the hell out of me. I expected the Signature Ales and Revolutionary Ales, but was blown away by the amount of specialty/seasonal brews. I think in total there were 20 brews on draft. You can do flights, but only with the Signature Ales and Revolutionary Ales.

Yards Russian Imperial Stout

The clear highlight for me was the Russian Imperial Stout. I’m not even a RIS drinker. Most of the time they are too sweet for me and the high abv is noticeable in the taste. Not this one. Sweetness was just right, full-bodied, smooth. It’s roasty and warming as advertised and perfect for winter drinking. And, it’s like 10%.

Yards Tripel and my buddy’s wallet

And there’s a Yards Tripel on tap? Who knew. One of my favorite styles of beer. Yards’ version is a tasty offering. This one isn’t in the world-class range like a St. Bernardus or Chimay, but right up there with some of the better ones I enjoyed in while day drinking in Belgium.

This place is so good, I’ve been there three times in the past week. It’s also kid-friendly with the space and noise level. It’s active and noisy enough that your whiny 3-year old won’t really disturb anyone. Skip the Zoo, get to Yards. They’ve also got a couple of pool tables.

Here’s the food menu.

We grabbed spiced nuts, pickles and wings.

The nuts were good. Who doesn’t like spiced nuts. Pickles and beets, etc were enjoyable. The only critique I’d have is with the wings. They are covered in something like a long-hot sauce that tastes decent, but they were soggy. Soggy wings aren’t good. Here’s to hoping it was just a bad batch and they regularly turn out good, crispy wings.

The reality is that I was there for the beer and not the food, but the menu has plenty of good things to try. I’m good with beer and nuts. The beer was everything we expected and more.

This place is a great addition to the Philly beer scene and a major step up from their previous home on Columbus Blvd. I also grabbed a solid shirt in the merch area. Hard to resist swag on a quality Next Level shirt. It was like I was running on adrenaline and bought a shirt after. The beers were so good I would’ve bought a sweet hoodie if they had my size.

Check the place out when you can. You’ll probably see me there.


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